Financial Science

Financial Science manages an algorithmic portfolio for professional investors. It focuses on enhanced investment performance at low cost through evolving machine learning algorithms. 

Professional investors looking for an algorithmic fund are underserved by current offerings in the market. Greater transparency is required so that investors can understand the impact of development cycles on retrospective and current performance. Capital management should have transparent fee structures that operate with a fiduciary focus on investors’ funds. The technology should offer true machine learning, operate on comprehensive data, provide direct access to investors with increased visibility on clear performance metrics and supply professional reports on a secure robust infrastructure.

Financial Science combines best of breed A.I. techniques with financial expertise and experience, oriented to the maxim that in investment “you get what you don’t pay for”.

Financial Science originated from extensive research and development into algorithmic trading using artificial intelligence with very large processing capabilities.

Our aim is to provide transparency in how algorithms originate, operate and ameliorate and ensure that performances, including fees, are clear and focused on investors’ interests.

The firm’s Partners have a significant investment in the portfolio ensuring alignment of interests. Its focus is client fiduciary care through long term growth of capital.



Our vision is automated stewardship of our investors’ money to maximise compounding returns and minimise compounding fees.


For clients, treated as fund partners


Through accessible AI-driven algorithms


With published algorithm successes and failures


For rapid evaluation of algorithms


In fees


Across all aspects of the fund

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